3 tips for a good erection

Erectile problems are common among men. Despite the tips that exist and can be applied without any special effort, erectile dysfunction strikes a significant number of men, even among the youthful layer. It is a problem that is sometimes at the root of the breakdown of couples. Hence the importance of solving it. In this article, we give you three foolproof tips to get a strong erection.

A good diet

The different reactions of your body, depend largely on your diet. Hence the need to pay attention to everything that goes into your body. To get a strong erection, you need to focus on a healthy, balanced diet. Abundantly rich in nitric oxide and vitamins, fruit and vegetables are excellent companions to a good diet. Their intake promotes blood circulation and the maintenance of arteries and blood vessels. There are also foods with aphrodisiac properties that should not be underestimated. These include ginseng, ginger, and garlic.

Play sports

The effectiveness of sports exercises on health is no longer in question. It is an asset for maintaining your physical well-being. However, to be sexually enduring, it is important to have enough energy. Constant and regular physical activity helps to boost your mind. You are mentally clear and less stressed. Your cardiovascular capacity is increased tenfold. Sport also releases testosterone, a hormone you badly need to be effective.


Your body is a machine that needs rest for optimal functioning. After a good diet, a relatively intense physical activity, you need a restful sleep that will allow you to recover. According to science, sleep allows the regulation of certain hormonal secretions that promote good sexuality. Like sport, sleep helps to reduce stress. It is obvious that a stressed man cannot have a reasonable erection. In any case, if you have problems with erectile dysfunction, you don't have to hide from it or you'll make the problem worse. Go and see a sexologist who will probably help you.